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Nicolae BĂNICIOIU, quaestor of the Chamber of Deputies
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2016-present

Constituency no.24 IASI
start of the mandate: 21 december 2016 - HCD nr.122/2016

Member of the Standing Bureau
parliamentary session:sep. 2020 - now - Quaestor
 feb. - sep. 2020 

Political party:
PSD-Social Democratic Party - until may 2018
PRO RO -PRO Romania Party - since may 2018

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the Social Democrat Party - until may 2018
Non-attached Members - since may 2018
 - until may 2019
The parliamentary group PRO Romania - since may 2019

Standing committees
Committee for Foreign Policy (since jun. 2019)
Committee for Human Rights, Cults and National Minorities Issues (jun. 2018 - jun. 2019)
The Committee on European Affairs (until jun. 2018)
Committee for Health and Family (until apr. 2017)

Groupes parlementaires travaillants - joint
Cancer fighting group

Parliamentary delegations:
Delegation to the International Assembly of French-speaking Parliamentarians - until jul. 2018 Chairperson - until feb. 2018
   Chairperson - since jun. 2020

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Singapore - until jul. 2018 Chairperson
 Friendship parliamentary group with Canada - until nov. 2018
 Friendship parliamentary group with Ireland 

Parliamentary activity in figures:
Speaches:16 (in 14 plenary sittings)
Legislative initiatives: 17, din care 3 promulgate legi
Questions & Interpellations: 2
Motions: 3

Postal address: Palatul Parlamentului, str.Izvor nr.2-4, sect.5, Bucharest, Romania saturday, 24 october 2020, 14:21
Telephone: +40213160300, +40214141111